Some things my clients have written to me:


“My body feels like you have been here before and it recognizes you. I know you are fully ‘with me’ when you do this session.”

“You are beyond magical...thank you for your gifts...”

“May  you be blessed and continue to use your amazing gift of healing to  bless others. You are an amazing person that flipped my beliefs and life  upside down in an hour. I know you will reap the blessings of your  compassion and love.”

“I  feel this work healing the physical, tapping into the greater essence  of who I am. Working on many levels is what gives this work a  profound  sense of wellbeing.”

“That  was truly amazing.  I didn't say much when I left because I think I was  somewhat stunned.  We didn't talk much but you touched me on some level  I had forgotten about.  It has stayed with me since like an inner  light.  I'm going to leave it at that, because this could easily just  turn to gushing, but thank you.  I'll be back.”

"Thank  you dear for all you have done and I hope I can bless you even  one-tenth of what you have done for me. Much love and many, many  thanks."

“I had a profound sense of mental and physical well-being afterwards”